Facing a financial emergency? Here is what you can do!

Mar 22, 2019 | Finance, Loans

Has an unexpected emergency come up that has left you and your family feeling stressed and strapped for cash?

One of the biggest reasons people face a financial emergency is due to unexpected medical or home costs. Don’t put your own or your family’s health to the side. If an unforeseen emergency presents itself, make sure you take action and keep your loved ones safe and secure.

One of the best ways to help you in a situation like this is a short-term loan. A short-term loan is a fast, easy and secure way to save yourself and your loved ones from any unexpected emergencies. The payment period of a short-term loan is typically between 3-18 months. This should give you enough time to pay the loan back and will not be as a lengthy as a long-term loan, meaning you will not be paying interest for a long time.

We cannot predict the future or stop the inevitable, which is why a short-term loan can be the safety net you need.

Why do people take out short-term loans?

  • Unexpected medical, home or car emergencies
  • Being made redundant
  • Having a baby
  • Holiday celebrations or special occasions
  • Bills or mortgage repayments
  • Starting up

The benefits of a short-term loan

  • Quick and easy- you get the money fast!
  • Payment plans are customisable
  • Paying off a small loan is easier and more manageable
  • Less interest due to shorter payback periods
  • Can help boost your credit score

Get a fast short term loan today!