3 steps to Better Hearing

Try our Hearing Aids for 7 days for Free*

Test With Our New 7 Day Free Trial*

Hearing aids can be an incredibly valuable addition to your life and wearing these devices may feel and sound a little unusual the first time you use them. Our new 7 day take home trial* is designed to give you time to adjust in the comfort of your home and daily life. Get familiar with the device and experience how they enhance your hearing and your life.

Book Your Complimentary Hearing Test

A test by a qualified clinician is the best option to determine the cause and extent of your hearing loss, and this will assist them in prescribing the best suited hearing aid for your condition.

Have your Trial* Hearing Aid Fitting

During your hearing aid trial* consultation you will also be provided you with a hearing aid fitting. This will ensure optimal comfort when adjusting to your new hearing aid.

Hear What You Could Have Been Missing!

Having access to a cutting edge hearing aid can be life changing. Sounds become richer, conversation becomes easier and your connection with the world around you is revitalised!

Take the First Steps
to Better Hearing!

Take the First Steps
to Better Hearing!

How does the Free Trial* work?

It can be hard to believe how much of a difference an advanced hearing aid can make to your life until you have tested one for yourself.

That’s where our hearing aid trial* comes into the picture. Hearing Solvers allows you to hear the difference for yourself with a seven day trial* of some of the best hearing aids in Australia at no cost. And that’s not all. As a part of our trial*, we’ll also give you a free hearing check at one of our participating clinics.

*Eligibility for and exact hearing device model selected for the trial is dependent on the hearing and lifestyle needs determined at the discretion of our qualified clinicians and is subject to terms. Only available to available to adults aged 26 or above.

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