How Much Funeral Insurance Do I Need?

Jul 13, 2018 | Funeral, Insurance

If you have yet to plan a funeral for someone dear to you, then you still have no idea of all the expenses and hassles involved. In standard funerals, various expenses ranging from casket purchases to the flowers and grave markers will certainly overwhelm anybody, especially if they are also grieving. Thinking about the expenses will only add up to the stress of the moment, and no would want to offer to be in that position.

It is for these reasons that funeral insurance exists. Think about it as preparation for your death, so you need not burden your loved ones with all the financial issues as they grieve and commemorate your life. You also need to secure your financial insurance policy as early as possible since you get to save from the expenses as the price rate given to you today will not be affected by appreciation factors in time.

Since funeral expenses have proven to be quiet a burden these days, the more reason there is to prepare for your funeral early so your family will not feel its full weight when the time finally comes. Here are some items and services that you need to purchase for your funeral:

– Your funeral casket (you also need to determine what color of the casket will suit you best)

– The limousine and hearse

– Floral tributes

– The embalming process and the necessary preparations for viewing

– Funeral programs and fees for newspaper obituaries

– The opening and closing of the gravesite

– Headstone/grave marker

– Expenses for a funeral home and church services

Even if you are content with just a simple graveside service or you opt for a cremation, for example, some of the expenses mentioned still apply. In the United States alone, anyone can expect to shell out from $3,000 up to $10,000 as standard funeral costs and expenses. It all depends on how elaborate you want the services and the burial to be. And if you are among those who unfortunately do not have the necessary financial reserves to pay for all these directly out from your pockets, then you are in trouble, even if you are already dead! This is yet another reason why you need funeral insurance coverage as early as today.

Some would argue why not simply apply for life insurance instead? After the need for funeral costs coverage, some would begin to think to secure life insurance policies instead would do the trick. While this makes sense in certain instances, there will always be those natural hindrances or factors that prevent you from purchasing life insurance if you are also intent of using it to cover funeral coverage functions, such as illnesses, age, and especially high premiums.

Only a few existing life insurance carriers offer their “guaranteed issue” policies to anyone interested, which means that current and previous illnesses will always put your application in danger, and in most cases, it will surely be denied. Funeral insurance coverage, on the other hand, is often a guaranteed deal. It should prepare everyone for anything.

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Give your family piece of mind knowing you’re covered for your funeral, to see how affordable insurance can be. Click below to start.